Debie Misir: September 22, 2009

Are you at the Crossroad?

The Crossroad: a place of clarity and confusion, a place where past knowledge conflicts with new truths …a point in time when a critical decision must be made. In his book, “Can Man Live without God”, Ravi Zacharias, a defender of the Christian faith, remembers a time when he was invited to deliver a series of lectures at the Lenin Military Academy and to participate in a round table discussion at the Center for Geopolitical Strategy in Moscow with six Russian Generals. At the end of the lengthy discussion which consisted of many robust arguments, one of the senior Generals shook his hands and said “Dr. Zacharias, I believe what you have brought to us is truth. But it is so hard to change after seventy years of believing a lie.”

Dr Zacharias brought them to the most critical Crossroad every Unbeliever must come to….the CROSS, and to the most important decision of their life…surrendering to Christ and the finished work of the Cross or not. It was difficult then for these Generals as it is difficult for many today. The difficulty is not caused by whether the choice is the right one or not, but it is caused by fear of the great change it would affect … a change that would transform their lives and in the process bring much persecution and break or change many relationships.

Many today who do not yet believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are being confronted with the Truth on all sides. For we are living in the last days, and there is great acceleration in the Spirit of the end time work for Christ. Friends and family who know the Lord witness relentlessly by all means, desperate to see their loved ones saved. Heart-rending travails rise up behind closed doors as deep intercession is undertaken to fight against principalities and powers on behalf of those yet to believe, and to pray God’s will into manifestation. As a result, everywhere the loved ones go, the Lord pursues in overwhelming love: A stranger hands them a tract which attempts to convey Christ’s love for them and His longing to set them free and grant them life eternal. A neighbor invites them to church, and the Pastor preaches his heart out with one motive and one motive only, to win their hearts to Christ and save their souls. A healing ministry is in town and a friend takes them there to get their sick bodies healed, knowing that the Lord’s grace and mercy falls upon the righteous and the unrighteous. As the Minister lays hands, the Believer prays that this sign and wonder will draw them to the Cross. There is such a great urgency in the Body of Christ to snatch as many from the fire as they can in these last days. The Believer strengthens his heart against the onslaught of persecution that is sure to come as the enemy rages knowing his end is near. The battle for souls continues.

One day, the Unbeliever receives the message of truth by God’s grace like we all did. The Pastor makes an alter call….but the loved one is torn by indecision. He or she knows the voice of the Lord. They know they heard truth. They felt His touch and His peace. They know His love. They know where they belong. They want to get up out of their seats and approach the Alter….the Mercy Seat of the Lord. They start to rise…and then their minds take control. They remember their husbands at home who are devout Hindus worshipping many Gods with many rituals and who they have always supported one hundred percent in this. They remember friends and family whose traditions do not bear witness with the Truth they have received. What will they think? What will they say? They remember they were supposed to celebrate a Muslim festival tomorrow since that has been the faith they were born into, and they have much cooking and preparation that they are in the middle of. They think of the reactions of those around them. Fear sets in. The thought of the opposition this would bring from their loved ones is overwhelming. Could they take the step of faith and not worry about anything else? Could they trust in the Lord to bear their burdens, protect them, encourage them, love them, and order their steps from here on? It is all too new…too different… too difficult…or so they think. They sink slowly back into their seats. The moment of grace is gone. I have recently witnessed this struggle in a friend who went with me to the Benny Hinn Crusade this weekend. The presence of the Lord was so mighty and His love flowed freely. But the one standing at the Crossroad was somehow unable to cross over.

There are many who are at the crossroads of the Truth and the lies they have believed all their lives. The lies have become their lifestyles and, in most everyone, a part of their character and culture. In many their lifestyles and achievements have become their pride. Like all of us before we came to the Lord, we were molded by what we were taught, shown, read, or achieved, and we have believed many lies from birth. Now, by the grace of God, many are gently but persistently shown Truth. But, even when they receive, they are hindered by what they perceive as a threat to their comfort zones, their traditions, and their relationships. They do not as yet know that God is the God of people and relationships. He is the God over all circumstances and situations, spiritual and physical. All love, joy, and peace come only from Him. All true friendships and lasting relationships built on love and trust can only be established by Him. All sorrows and pain can only be taken away by Him. All purpose and destiny can only be found in Him.

If you are the crossroad, and you have received Truth about Jesus Christ, it is time to choose. The hand of grace will not be extended forever neither will judgment be delayed much longer. Tomorrow is promised to no one. You are standing at the foot of the Cross and it is a marvelous place to be. You have come to the end of yourself and can now receive the revelation of Christ. All you need to do is repent of your sins and surrender you life into the hands of the One who gave you life. The One who loves you so much He gave His life to pay the ransom price for your sins. Only He can cleanse your heart. Only He can set you free from all burdens and heal you body, spirit, and soul, and only He can reconcile you to the Father and grant you eternal life in Heaven and abundant life on earth. He says in Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus Christ loves you with a perfect love and His word says, “Perfect love casts out all fear”. There is no fear in His love, only complete love and total trust.

The Cross is a place of ending and new beginning; the end of self with all its pride, selfishness, and lust, and the new creation in Christ that you can become. The Cross is a place of repentance and a place of forgiveness. It is where God’s Judgment is fulfilled by His perfect love. It is a place where Jesus Christ takes on the devil and uses his own methods to defeat him forever. James Stewart of Scotland, Ravi Zacharias writes, best explains what was accomplished at the Cross with the scripture “He led captivity captive” Psalm 68:18. The very triumphs of His foes, Stewart explains, He (Jesus Christ) used for their defeat. He compelled their dark achievements to sub serve His ends, not theirs. They nailed Him to a tree, not knowing that by that very act they were bringing the world to His feet. They gave Him a cross, not guessing that He would make it a throne. They flung Him outside the gates to die, not knowing that in that very moment they were lifting up all the gates of the universe, to let the King come in. They thought to root out His doctrines, not understanding that they were implanting imperishably in the heart of men the very name they intended to destroy. They thought they had God with His back to the wall, pinned, and helpless, and defeated; they did not know that it was God Himself who had tracked them down. He did not conquer in spite of the dark mystery of evil. He conquered through it."

So you see the Cross is not a place of fear, but a place where fear is conquered. It is not a place of sin, but a place where forgiveness blots out sins. It is not a place of death, but a place where death was triumphed over by life. It is not a place of loss, but a place of gain. There is nothing you are going to surrender at the Cross except the things in you and your life which are now leading you to eternal death and destruction; all sins, all sickness and diseases, all hurts and pains, and all destructive attitudes and evil intentions of the heart. There is nothing you are going to receive at the Cross except all the things that will bring abundant, everlasting life to you and those you will touch: Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God. God is love and love is never demanded. God wants you to come to Him freely, to love Him willingly, and to receive from Him all He has stored up for you. He said in His word “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit” (John 15:16). God chose you and ordained you, now you must respond. Choose wisely.