Grace by Debie Misir


Grace is the eternal, unmerited favor of the Lord
It cannot be earned or bought, it is not a reward
It is bestowed upon man, freely as God wills
Because of His love alone, His plan for us He fulfills

There is none so faithful; none so eternally true
He alone is Holy, He alone died for you
By His Grace alone, He redeemed us all
And by His Grace alone, we now answer His Call

To travel a path set, and a destiny ordained
Saved by Grace, and now by Grace sustained
For there is nothing in ourselves that can please God
Good or evil, all works of the flesh are flawed

Surrender then; body, will, emotions, and mind
And follow the Spirit of God, your destiny to find
For it is He alone who will carry you when you faint
And it is His Grace alone that will transform a Sinner into a Saint

By faith we are told to receive all He died to give
But even when our faith fails, Grace still says "Live"
It is all His process you see, man into God's image
Grace's perfect work upon each one of Adam's lineage

It is not of our works, lest any man should boast
For Grace puts us all on same road, not few or most
At different stages, but to the same place all will arrive
Though trials and temptations abound, none should strive

For all things work together for good to those who love the Lord
Called according to His purpose by His grace, says the word
We, in ourselves, cannot advance the mighty works of His hand
For the things of Spirit, the flesh simply cannot understand

To walk by His Spirit only, receive the revelation
Of the unredeemable condition of our flesh vs the God of creation
All are going through the fire and flood, none already there
Standing before a Holy and Righteous God, all flesh is laid bare

Who then can say of another, 'You do wrong, you sin'
Who then can say to you, "I am more spiritual within"
Know ye not, there is none lesser or more in the spirit
For all must come into the fullness of the Lord without limit

Neither your strength, nor your might brought you here
But the Spirit of the living God, with Grace to spare
Thus, your flesh cannot bring home God's greatest treasure
Your works and judgments only incur His wrath and displeasure

Obedience to the voice of God is now your only task
Even here Grace is at work; for the spirit of humility to ask
Relying on self, talents, intellect are abominations to God
Even in doing good, recognize it is the devil's facade

Only Grace plucked us all out of all darkness and shame
Regardless of the depths we sunk to, Grace worked the same
How then shall we continue by works, having known
That Grace alone saved us, and Grace alone will take us home

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)