Heal Us Lord by Debie Misir

Heal Us Lord

Lord, by Your stripes we are healed
This You did for us, even before we kneeled
All You desire is for us to believe and ask
And be ready to receive by faith only, not by task

Healing always comes; this is Your wondrous gift
Hold steady our hearts and minds, do not let us drift.
Enable us to receive what You have so selflessly given
Make us whole in body and soul, and totally spirit driven

Lord, by Your love our spirit is made strong and willing
But birthed on this earth, our flesh is weak and crippling
Jesus, forgive us our numerous weaknesses and many failings
And strengthen us from within, with Your countless blessings

We are Your children Lord, created in Your holy image
Who inherited a sinful nature, being of Adam's lineage
Our deepest desire is to be re-made through and through
As how we started, from the pure likeness of You.

Heal us Lord, from our heads right through to our toes
Do not forget our disobedient minds, or hearts filled with woes
Cleanse us from all the wicked, sinful things of the earth
And make us whole, as we were, before our earthly birth

Transform our bodies into the holy temple it was intended to be
So You can abide with us and we can abide with Thee
We need You desperately Lord, for without You we are helpless
And without Your endless grace, we are rendered totally defenseless

Jesus, our merciful lord of all the Earth and Heavens above
Let Your light shine, let Your healing flow; so too Your love
Make us perfect through Your holy touch, tender and true
Only as Your reflection, can we reflect all Your glory back to You.

We dedicate our lives to glorifying You, precious Lord
We promise to love You always and to live by Your holy word
When asked, "Our Lord is our everything" we will respond
"All we want, all we will ever need, in this life and beyond"

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)