His Rest by Debie Misir

His Rest

Into His perfect rest, He has called me
To a place of love and peace, as sweet as can be
For my trials were many, and my heart hurt so
As the enemy attacked and wounded, with each deadly blow

By the power of His Spirit, I overcame
From the depths of despair, I cried out His name
Comfort and strength flowed into me at my lowest point
No more than I can bear He had promised; He did not disappoint

I allowed them to bring out the best in You, He said
To make You spotless and unblemished, before we wed
Every trial is designed to prepare You, my bride
Greatly rejoice, as I change You from the inside

His arms He held open to me, whenever I cried
Folding me into His embrace, my tears He dried
With great tenderness He healed the wounds that bled
In His overwhelming love, all hurt and pain fled

I entered into His rest, the Restorer of my soul
So He could mend the broken pieces, and make me whole
So skillful are the works of His hands, as He restores
For the pain He discards, but the brokenness He hoards

For this is what He desired to achieve in me
When He allowed the trials and tribulations you see
Now He can truly work with me, in me, and through me
For there is no more hindrance, I am now open and free

An empty vessel He can fill as and when He so desires
A broken and humble heart that will freely pore out, His fires
I now live in Him, endure all in Him, love in Him, and in Him I rest
For He holds me in the palm of His hands, nestled close upon His breast

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)