I in You and You in Me by Debie Misir

I in You and You in Me

Now I am in You and You are in me
All around I look, but only You I see
I have risen to the fullness of Your stature
Now knowing Your heart, Your very nature

You have given me all authority, all power
You are my refuge and fortress; my strong tower
Lord, in You I speak, walk, live and breathe
Having been re-born of the Word, Your seed

You have filled me with rivers of living water
Anointed me, and made me Your daughter
For I have surrendered all to You my Lord
Valuing nothing above You and Your Word

Your will in my life I have greatly desired
To fulfill it abundantly, much more than required
For You have given me life and everlasting hope
When there was none, when I couldn't cope

My desires and my will are now lost in Yours
Move me by your spirit, open many doors
I will walk through with boldness, and no fear
Filled with Your purpose, my way crystal clear

I will glorify You with everything I do
As I travel this road, my destiny to pursue
My joy is overflowing; my heart is pure
My confidence is high, my walk is sure

Quicken my steps Lord; there is much to do
Let me accomplish all, bring me through
I see many, many faces in front of me
All waiting patiently it seems, to be set free

This is the time that You have prepared me for
To declare Your salvation so none can ignore
As Your truth pierces, their sins they will abhor
By Your spirit I will reach many, even the hardcore

The wonders of Your miracles will astound
The truth of Your word will confound
The message of salvation will resound
Freeing all the captives; untying the bound

Lord, may Your joy explode as they come aboard
May You be loved by one and all, and so adored
You are the Lord of glory; You are love
You are the true vine; we're the branches thereof

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)