If You were a Rose by Debie Misir

If You were a Rose

Lord, if You were a Rose
Outstanding You would be, among all that grows
There would be no choice to make, glancing at the rows
For none could compare to the One I already chose

I would carefully place You in my garden enclosed
And keep You secluded for a little while, I suppose
Stealing every moment I can to gaze upon Your face
Totally entranced, by Your awesome beauty and grace

I would not be satisfied to just look at the outside
But I will gently probe to the heart of You, deep inside
For I desire to know the mysteries You hold within
What is now in You, and what has already been

Softly traversing petal by petal, seeking to unfold
All the hidden treasures and glory that You hold
I will not be afraid of the thorns that surround
A thousand wounds I will endure, for the prize to be found

Soft as a dove's feather will be each petal
Between the layers, the morning dew will settle
Slender, long, and regal will be Your stem
The elements will bow to Your royalty, all of them

Radiant will be Your hue, colors like never before
Out of Your very heart, a sweet aroma will pore
Living water, like moisture dripping from your tips
The sun, moon and stars, Your glory will eclipse

The complexities of Your nature will keep me enthralled
To this place where You abide, I will forever be called
Day by day, I will drink in Your splendor and grace
Keeping You alive in my garden, in my embrace

I will tenderly care for and watch You bloom
Supplying all You need of me, all You wish to consume
I will remove all obstacles so You can flourish
I will gather up the choicest foods, for You to nourish

Down on my knees, I will pull the weeds that choke
Burning each and every one with fire and smoke
Fertile I will make the ground You are planted on
And this is where I will rest, from dusk till dawn

When You have saturated every part of me
When You are all I can think of, smell, feel, or see
This is when I will break down the garden walls around
And let Your awesome beauty and radiance abound

I will proclaim Your glory to all, far and wide
Saying, "come see a Rose, there is none like it worldwide"
My testimony of You will create a longing in every heart
Hearing of Your unique loveliness, a new hunger will start

Many will rush to behold Your magnificence
Captivated by Your alluring, exhilarating essence
How awesome! They will exclaim in astonishment and wonder
A rose above all roses! They will simultaneously thunder

They will be transformed in their ardent admiration
As they catch the glimpse of eternity, in Your perfection
Angelic purity and astounding majesty combined
Will open eyes that could not see Truth, eyes so blind

Many will come alive, responding to Your allure
To partake of Your sweetness, they will pay I'm sure
But freely I received of You, and freely I will give
All who steal and trample, them I will forgive

Many will start sowing Your seeds on other lands
Feeding and nurturing them with their own hands
Soon Your glory and presence will adorn all the earth
And all will be enslaved by Your aura and worth

Some will want to harness your healing power within
Some will praise you with their lips, while their hearts are in sin
Some will want to know You, to receive what You can give
But I will adore You for who You are, as long as I live

In this secret place, in my garden I will find
A fulfillment and solace, known to few of mankind
For in Your complete fullness, all is contained
All I seek and desire, all that is worthy to be gained

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)