Thank You Lord for My Mother by Debie Misir

Thank You Lord for My Mother

Lord, mothers are angels You assigned on earth
To keep creation growing by giving birth
You specially designed them just for this
Equipping them fully, and leaving nothing amiss

Your compassion and care they carry like a banner
You unconditional love flows through in like manner
A measure of Your protection You have placed in them
A grain of Your selflessness they wear like a gem

To me, You have given a very special one indeed
One after your own heart, for her children she will bleed
Her sacrifices are numerous; she never counts the cost
Bathing us in Your love and comfort, while we were yet lost

Through the years Lord, You have perfected my mom
Incomparable as a mother she has now become
Your glory shines through her brighter than a star
In her, You have revealed a small part of who You are

I thank you Lord for my mother, precious in Your sight
What she means to us, I cannot in words write
Through the years, the trials have been many
But You brought her through, often without a penny

She has raised us up on sheer love and affection
With a nurturing heart and strong arms of protection
With Your provision, we have all been nourished
By Your grace alone, we have all flourished

Now You have called her to greater things Lord
Bringing her body, soul, and spirit into one accord
A mighty work is about to unfold before her eyes
Bringing light and truth to all, destroying all lies

Keep her close to You Lord; help her to understand
She is not holding on to You, You have her in your hand
Bless her Lord, in the city and in the field
Protect her Lord; encompass her like a shield

Let Your love surround her wherever she goes
Let Your peace abide in her, through highs and lows
Let Your grace cover her from head to toe
Reveal new knowledge unto her, let wisdom grow

As the days go by, bring her closer Lord
By Your spirit, and the power of Your word
Into the sanctuary of Your arms, always open wide
Knowing in her heart, she is your sister, your bride

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)