In Humble Adoration by Debie Misir

In Humble Adoration

In humble adoration, I receive Your grace
Tears of indescribable joy streaming down my face
My heart bursting with love and devotion
It can hardly contain the magnitude of my emotion

Overwhelming is the love as our spirits unite
Heart to heart we communicate; my soul alights
My spirit soars on wings, free, free at last
All my yokes and bondages broken, all my cares I cast

For You have emptied this vessel to fill it anew
Ripping away all evil; righteousness to renew
Cease not Lord, until all self disappears
Until I know who I am in You, until You appear

How truly marvelous that day will be
When all will look at me, and You they will see
Filled with Your Holy Spirit and wisdom, empowered and holy
Heaven on Earth it will seem, oh glory to God! Glory!

You will deliver me and restored I will stand
How great is Your mercy, can anyone ever understand?
Lord of Lords, I lift Your name in the highest praise
My lips I open in sweet melody; my voice to You I raise

More than a conqueror You have made me
You overcame the world; You gave me the victory
You made me the head and not the tail
Your grace is sufficient for me; how then can I fail?

Oh for the joy set before me, I will endure all
No greater love exists than Yours; in it I stand tall
I am the apple of Your eye, bought for the highest price
Daughter of the most high God, bride of the Christ

In humble adoration, I receive Your grace
With my eyes looking to You only, I will run the race
My pressing goal, to set the jewel in Your crown
To fulfill my ordained destiny, and to wear my bridal gown

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)