My Heart Sings by Kaye Tobias-Mendoza

My Heart Sings

My heart sings of utter joy and happiness untold,
As my spirit worships and praises begin to unfold.
You are my heart's deepest desire, my one wish so true,
To hear You, see You, and feel You, my Lord let it ensue!

My heart sings of wonderful cheerfulness and sheer glee,
It's never been like this before, oh Lord, how You fill me!
Contentment in worldly things, I have never known before,
But now in my life, You alone satisfies, You alone I adore!

My heart sings loudly "More of You Lord! More of you Lord!"
The yearning in me that only You can feed, just say the Word!
I feel my heart beat fast and my mouth water in expectation,
Of the amazing things You'll do, I await for Your manifestation!

My heart sings "Hallelujah! Praise to You God Almighty!"
All of heavens and all the earth cannot contain Your glory!
But in my small and humble heart, You chose to reside,
Dwell in me, live in me, guide me, and never let me slide.

My heart sings "I love you so much, with everything I am."
I exalt and honor You, my dear Jesus, God's sweet Lamb.
You have died on the cross, to redeem me from every sin,
Within me, You are there, to make me worthy and clean.

My heart sings of earnest thankfulness and sincere gratitude,
Through Your awesome ways, You have changed my attitude.
You came down and humbled Yourself rescuing us from fire,
What You did for us! Such sacrifice, seeing our needs are dire!

My heart sings only for You, my glorious and magnificent Saviour,
You took away all the sins, guilt, condemnation with such fervor!
Replaced with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, long-suffering,
Also goodness, gentleness, and self-control - all these You bring.

My heart sings "Now, use me for whatever purpose You may have."
I submit to You my whole being, to show every one of Your love.
Remove everything in me that may hinder achieving Your plans,
Better to live without these things, than to lose You with chance.

My heart sings "Let me love You back, somehow ease Your sorrow,"
God, You are GOD: I live for You today, not holding back till tomorrow.
Hear my heart singing and listen to it beating for You again and again,
My heart sings of Your love, shouting "Only Thy will be done, amen!"

Kaye Tobias-Mendoza (By the Grace of the Lord)