Thank You Lord by Kaye Tobias-Mendoza

Thank You Lord

What a very beautiful day it is!
Wonderful weather, such a bliss!
God, You are the giver of all these,
Today, we wish, it is You we please.

For each and every morning as we awake,
Our needs You supplied with icings on cake!
Even in our deepest slumber You are there,
Like an ever-loving parent, a vigilant father.

How can we all even begin to thank You?
All these bountiful blessings that You do!
We do not need to ask for more of things,
You provide them all, generously giving.

Things we do not expect, all come to pass,
You are the best! No one else can surpass.
Because to us, Lord, You are always faithful,
We remain in you, ever loving, ever grateful.

Mere words cannot begin to express our joy,
Happiness that is like a child with a new toy!
With You in our life, we are always complete,
Nothing else is lacking. That is hard to beat!

These worldly things You give is nothing,
Compared to the cross and that suffering.
Through it the sins of the world You took,
Enabling our names be written in the book.

Father, now allow us to give You thanks,
For You have raised us all from the ranks.
Let us worship You and give You praise,
Jesus, we exalt You, Your name we raise!

"We love You, Lord!", we shout in delight!
Thank You for Your blessings - the gift of light.
We are grateful for many grace you bestow,
We give you thanks, Lord, our hearts aglow.

Kaye Tobias-Mendoza (By the Grace of the Lord)