My Daughter by Debie Misir

My Daughter

You delight me my daughter, my heart's treasure
Know that I've created you solely for my pleasure
You are mine, for I have made you my bride
Let us journey together; prepare for an awesome ride

For I am not a dull God by any means you see
I love hilarity and excitement; come dance with me
Know this is not an ordinary dance I invite you to
For there is a great anointing I seek to imbue

Seek me in your quiet times, alone in your room
Worship me in spirit and truth, your Lord and groom
I will pour out fresh anointing; you will bloom
Then I will birth all that I have placed in your womb

In your trials, and they will come, stay in the spirit
That is when I shall be increasing you, without limit
You will grow in grace and stature so very tall
This I will surely do, for you have given me your all

Know I am a jealous God; do not be swayed by man
I will supply all you desire; that is my good plan
When you are seemingly helpless, dependent only on me
This is when I will complete in you, all I decree

Hope only in me; trust only in me my daughter
I will bring you through the fire, and flooding water
You will be my heart, my compassion to all who bleed
You will gather my flock; all you will tenderly feed

I will take you higher, much higher still
You will accomplish all, according to my will
My daughter, there are glorious days ahead
Hold on tight, and I will bring forth all that I said

My ways are not your ways, apple of my eye
Do not try to understand, the how, the when and the why
Your destiny is vast, more than any human being can grasp
Holding both Heavenly and earthly things in its clasp

I am a big God, bigger than you can ever perceive
But you I have always loved, and will never forsake or leave
I will open doors for you, boldly make your debut
I will close many others, you must hasten to bid adieu

Go forth and do not look back, follow my cloud
My voice, in your spirit, will be strong and loud
I have charted your course; it is clear and straight
Charge ahead upon my instruction; do not wait

My daughter, be excited, be happy, be ready
Know that any waves that threaten, I will steady
The battle is already won; I have given you the prize
Enjoy the adventure, about to unfold before your eyes

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)