I Am Yours by Debie Misir

I Am Yours

Lord, my heart I give to You, every beat
For Your glory I lay it all down at Your feet
All I am is contained in this part of me
Take it Lord and make it worthy of thee

Lord, my soul I give to You, it is no longer mine
Transform it into the mind of Christ, make it Thine
I submit it fully unto the will of Your Holy Spirit
Let Your thoughts be mine, let there be no limit

Lord, my body I give to You, subject it too
Order my steps, make them all for You
Let me be Your hands and feet on this earth
To do Your will is the reason for my birth

Give me Your desires Lord; Let me feel
The longings of Your heart; make it real
Teach me Your secrets Lord; let me know
What You ordained long ago, make me grow

Anoint me Lord; give me the power I need
To undertake all You set forth, and to succeed
Wherever You send me, I will go with speed
Feeding all You send, all who hurt and bleed

Humble me Lord; show me Your ways
Let me be like You, for the rest of my days
Your ways are perfect Lord, just and true
Your love is everlasting, Your mercies too

I think of nothing but You Lord, all day long
Of Your abundant grace, when we do wrong
Of Your love and compassion which are lifelong
Of how you heal the broken, and make them strong

Your heart is so humble my Lord, my God
Everything You are, everything You do is unflawed
There are facets to You no one has ever seen
Little by little, You reveal what has already been

The more I know, the more in love I am
With You Lord Jesus, God's precious lamb
All of eternity will not be enough to praise Your name
To lift up and exalt You, Your glory to proclaim

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)