I Want to be Like Jesus by Debie Misir

I Want to be Like Jesus

Lord, You gave me a new heart and made me whole
You gave me love and hope, and restored my soul
You opened to me, the doors to Heaven and Eternity
I offer You my life and all my love, with deep humility

Lord, there is nothing I desire that compares with You
Nothing in this life or universe, nothing I ever knew
You are my sole sufficiency from now to eternity
All I will ever want; in my soul, spirit, and humanity

I crave for more of You Lord, to feel Your loving presence
I want to pour out all my love to You, my very essence
I hunger to see You Lord, I cannot wait for us to meet
I long to touch You Lord, and to worship at Your feet

Lord, I am impatient to be with You, life seems so slow
Yet I must fulfill the destiny ordained for me, before I go
Abide with me Lord, in me and with me and through me
Keep me close to You Lord, and teach me to be like thee

Increase my love for all through deeds, not words spoken
Give me strength for the weak and a heart for the broken
Give me gentleness for the sick and a compassionate word
Let others see You through me, make me like you Lord

Take me through great trials and tribulations oh Lord of mine
Remove all evil tendencies and let my will be lost in thine
Consecrate me into Your service, by Your will and might
Destroy every part of me that is not redeemable in Your sight

Equip me to fulfill the purposes You laid out for me
Show me the ways to please You, I ask on bended knee
Let me glorify You Lord, as I praise Your holy name
By helping the lost and suffering, the blind and the lame

Lord, let Your strength be made perfect in my weakness
As I travel this journey of life, with great faith and meekness
Let my eyes look up to You always, never wavering
Your love flow to me, and Your grace always favoring

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)