I Long for You Lord by Debie Misir

I Long for You Lord

Your loving touch brings to my eyes, many a tear
And stirs up desperate longings for You to be near
Your adoring presence transports me to another realm
Awakening a hunger to see Your face, to be overwhelmed

My soul cries out for You in the middle of the night
All around is plunging darkness; You are the only light
My heart rejoices with happiness and joy in Your love
My spirit escapes on wings to You, soaring like a dove

My life and my heart belong to You forever and ever
Let me be by Your side always, and leave you never
My eyes will always look up to You, following your lead
Make known your desires; let me fulfill every need

There is nothing I desire in this life, nothing I seek
But to please You in everyway, and to hear you speak
I want to drown in Your voice, flowing like many streams
I want to behold Your awesome glory, in all of my dreams

I love You for who You are; my King of Glory
And I will love You always; that is my story
You are so beautiful, my precious Lord and Savior
Your spirit is pure love and honor, pouring out favor

I want to sing a new song that will touch your heart
I want to dance before You and invite you to be a part
Thinking of You fills me with a multitude of feeling
And often brings me to my knees, groaning and weeping

I want to bask in Your radiance and splendor
I want to gaze into Your eyes, so loving and tender
I want to see Your hand move in everything I do
I want to love and honor You, and say thank You

You are my one and only consuming desire
Love for You burns in my heart like a sweet fire
You opened the eyes to my heart; my soul stirs
My life and will are no longer mine, but Yours

I offer You all of me, though it may not be sufficient
Increase my heart for serving, my Lord omniscient
Let my life be a blessing to You, a joy beyond compare
Let me fill your heart with gladness, hear my prayer

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)