Poem to my Lord by Debie Misir

Poem to my Lord

I have had a very good life overall
Kept all pain out of my heart by building a wall
This was good, for it kept me going
But I was longing for Jesus, without me knowing

One day I prayed, Lord Jesus come into my heart
For I cannot go on, it feels like I did not start
Lord I do not know why I did
I just know that I came, as You bid

You lovingly forgave me, a born sinner
Without a single question, You made me a winner
My shoulders I never offered the weary to lean
Yet with Your tremendous sacrifice, You wiped me clean

I can count the times I cried on the fingers of one hand
Now with Your touch, the wall around my heart became sand
The tears will not stop flowing at the very mention of Your holy name
And I know that by Your tender healing, I will never be the same

The sand has now been washed away by my tears
And of life, hurt, and pain, I now have no fears
I feel many changes happening inside since You touched me
As if You are re-making all of me, into a truer likeness of thee

Lord You have purified my heart and soul
And in my eyes, made new, all things from old
The beauty and true love that surrounds me
I was blind to, but now I clearly see

I can feel the tremendous outpouring of Your love
And my very soul is soaring like a pure white dove
Lord with Your abundant love so humbling
You've brought all my pride crumbling

I now wear my heart on my sleeves
For Your amazing grace has brought me to my knees
My life was soulless and despairingly empty
Now You have filled me with love and hope, exceedingly plenty

Lord, You are truly the beginning and the end
All hearts and souls You lovingly mend
You are lord of all things past, all things present, and all things to come
Your children are Your treasure..all of them, not just some

Lord I am found, I thank You from the bottom of my heart
And all my love and praise I give to You, this is only the start

I adore You lord, with all that I have, all that I am
And I will love You always for You are God's precious lamb
I solemnly vow to worship You daily and nightly
For you are holiest of the holy and mightiest of the mighty

I want to show You my love lord in all the ways that will bring You glory
I want to let the world know of Your love, I want to tell Your story
Lord, my lips will always be open to You in praise
And my words to all, a longing for You will raise

Had I trusted, had I known, I could have come sooner lord
I will always regret this, but now I crave Your word.
You have awakened a deep longing in my soul
For without You in my life, it seems a great gaping hole

My soul is thirsty to know You in every sense
My heart is exceedingly hungry for Your adoring presence
My arms are longing to embrace You
Even while my knees are bending in supplication, as is Your due

Lord You are always in my heart, You are always on my mind
The ways to please You, is now my sole mission to find
My burning desire is to spend the rest of my life at Your feet
As I wait impatiently for Heaven, when we will meet

In the meantime lord, Your love is all I need
The rest of my life is Yours to lead
Keep me close to You lord and make straight my path
Do not let me falter, I want to see all the glory Heaven hath

Walk with me forever lord
As You promised, I have Your word
I can do all things when You strengthen me
I place all my faith and trust in Thee

Lord, make known my purpose, my cup of tasks fill
It will be done I promise, according to Your will

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)