Jesus You are Love by Debie Misir

Jesus You are Love

Lord You are Creator of all the Heavens and the Earth
Stretching farther than any can envision in this birth
You created us in Your holy image; body, soul, and spirit
Loving us so much, You gave us free will without any limit

All You desired was for us to choose and love You in return,
For we were created by Your purpose, for this purpose, I now learn
Only through Your love can we fulfill our ordained destinies
And live the glorious eternal lives You intended, in the Heavenlies

Disobedient, self-willed, and choosing sin, we turned away
Still struggling to find our way back, to this day
You heard our souls cry out, buried in sin; an entire nation
And from the beginning, already devised a plan for our salvation

Disobedient and grown wise in our minds, we continuously sin
But You love us still and was determined we would win
Lord, Your compassion and love knew no bounds
As You humbled Yourself and came to earthly grounds

You birthed Yourself in a world that showed You no love
Only cruel rejection, of Your holy descent from above
You lived amongst us, carrying the burdens of our weary souls
Dedicated to Your mission; Your mercy and grace unfolds

Blessing earth with Your holy presence, You waited upon
Sinful man, unworthy even to kiss the ground You walk on
You mended all hearts and souls, and all wounds healed
You dried our tears and raised the fallen, even as they reeled

You lovingly embraced all those crushed and in need
As You spoke of God's Kingdom, planting the seed
We listened and watched with ears deaf and eyes so blind
Still You pressed on, seeking repentant souls, longing to find

None of this You did for Your benefit or glory
But so that man will be redeemed, and live eternally holy
And then precious Lord, You made the ultimate sacrifice
Unveiling Your plan for man's redemption, with no artifice

A plan to sacrifice Yourself, a pure lamb without blemish
To purchase our salvation and freedom, suffering great anguish
Knowing only Your sacrifice would free us, from all sins and pain
You willingly offered to lay down Your life, and take it up again

Tried without a cause, and convicted of no crime
Bound, dragged and trampled, by man unable to discern the time
Reviled, mocked, and scorned; still You carried out Your plan
And opened not Your mouth, atoning for all the sins of fallen man

Scourged repeatedly, flesh ripping open with every blow
Your blood flowed freely, Your skin hung like ribbons we know
You bore great torture and pain, becoming sin itself for us
The only substitution deemed by our Father, righteous and just

Nailed to an old rugged cross, the blood on Your face congealed
Countenance marred, it is written; the ugliness of our sins revealed
Shunned by our Father in Heaven, who never before took His eyes off you
The agony was unbearable, but You were determined to see it through

You died, not of crucifixion we know, but of failure of the heart
Signifying this truth, that we broke Your heart from the very start
"It is finished", You cried as You commended Your soul to our Father
Having paid the price, You now earned the right of Your flock to gather

This time, You did not leave us without help, lost and alone
But sent the Holy Spirit, to enable us in this life and guide us home
You have thought only of us always, and to free us from our bondage
Even before You had "wonderfully and fearfully" made us, in your image

Lord Your amazing grace and love has conquered all evil
Bestowing on man the gift of eternal life, free of the devil
There is none like You Lord, and there never will be
The immeasurable magnitude of Your love overwhelms me

You add new dimensions to love, dimensions so grand
They stretch farther than all the imaginations of any man
No one can ever love us so completely; of this we are sure
Of all sufferings, grief, and afflictions, only Your love is the cure

In the face of Your incomparable sacrifice Lord, we love You helplessly
We surrender our lives and will to You, and our hearts selflessly
Lord You are love, creator of all things microscopic and mega
Without You there is nothing, for You are Alpha and Omega

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)