What My Love Can Do by Kaye Tobias-Mendoza

What My Love Can Do

You thought I forgot all about you,
Abandoned and alone, foresaken true.
Don't you remember what My love can do?
Nothing can come between My love to you.

Sickness cannot prevail for I Am your Healer,
No enemies will prosper for I Am your Deliverer.
My love for you is great and sincere, you know?
Don't compromise yourself, do not ever stoop that low.

How can you not believe in My love, dear?
I created you from dust, didn't you hear?
I Am He who IS, who WAS and who WILL ALWAYS BE,
Do you think anything is impossible for Me?

But for my love, I came and died for you,
The ultimate sacrifice, nothing else will do.
My love is sufficient, more than enough,
With My love in you, nothing can be rough.

For this love brings life and joy to all,
Abundant blessings, be careful not to fall.
My love will sustain you in time and eternity,
Trust My love, have faith, I will never fail thee.

I promised not to leave you nor forsake you,
My love is ever faithful and always true.
My love goes wherever you set your feet upon,
This is My will, and My will shall be done.

Kaye Tobias-Mendoza (By the Grace of the Lord)