A New Road by Debie Misir

A New Road

Before me stretches a new road
One I have never seen before or rode
It is not winding, has no hills or valleys
Narrow and straight it runs, going through no alleys

It bids me come, continue on this way
For I lead you to your destiny, it says, there for you to stay
I am not new; I have been before
You can see me clearly now, since the darkness is no more

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard
Nor can your heart imagine what has occurred
Silence, precious and holy surrounds you here
Heart to heart communion, not through your lips or ear

I am already on this road; there is no turning back
For the road behind me is no more, all I can see is a crack
A great light beckons me on, and I cannot resist
My feet moves steadily forward, it's the reason I exist

Onwards, upwards I go; whereto I do not know
A greater glory compels me to move closer, into it's glow
There are things along my path I must stop to do
It is the will of my Lord, before I take the next step or two

For the joy set before me, I eagerly obey
Nevertheless, not my will but Yours Lord, is all I can pray
This is the only way to reach my goal
To be Christ-like, holy, in body, spirit, and soul

Heaven bound I travel the narrow road
Thanksgiving and praises, the only way to my abode
All that is within me will continually bless the Lord
For mine eyes have seen my salvation, my just reward

Won't you hop on this road with me, and enjoy the ride
Do not follow the many, who went on the road, wide
For their end is sure, many have already died
But eternal life will be yours, when in Him you abide

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)