Uncompromising Faith by Debie Misir

Uncompromising Faith

Faith is a deep knowing of who God is to me
Of who I am in Him, of how He set me free
It is a knowing of where I have been before
And how His grace flowed, and opened the door

It is a knowledge of things not seen or heard
Of believing and living by His promises, His word
It is a receiving of the work of the cross without question
Allowing His word to become flesh, a spirit digestion

Faith is the substance that works in the Spirit realm
Just as in the flesh, the five senses are at the helm
Of a truth we are spirit, born of His Spirit
We no longer walk by senses, but by faith without limit

It is by grace we are saved through faith in God
And faith expressing itself in love can seem most odd
But know we are not of this world, though we are in it
Most peculiar we seem to man, but in him a perfect fit

The things of the Spirit are the things of Heaven
Prepared in advance for us, bread without leaven
"It is finished", He said, I did it all for you
By faith, receive righteousness, joy, and peace too

For such is the Kingdom of Heaven, wherein you live
When you walk in Spirit and in truth, and you forgive
The temporary things of this world, you must not pursue
But set your eyes on things above, they are eternal and true

What is of the Spirit is real, all else is an illusion
Allowed by God to separate His sons from the delusion
Rise up in your spirit, stay in that holy place
Where all things become clear, across time and space

Bless those who curse you, says the Lord
Do good to them that hate you is His word
For the Kingdom of God is not about food or drink
It is not about what you see, feel, or think

It is based on a love beyond understanding
Only by faith can we give it without demanding
Love the children of God, hate the evil in them
Be patient and persistent, and never condemn

Faith allows us to enter the Spirit realm
Where God's love flows and His glory overwhelms
Here we commune with our Lord, now seen and heard
Here we receive into our spirit, His word

It is life abundant, it is peace, it is joy, it is love
Living in the spirit, by the Spirit, hand in glove
We have the victory, for He overcame the world for us
But only by faith can we claim it, with love and trust

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)