The Power of His Name by Debie Misir

The Power of His Name

When you are lost and despairingly empty
And tragedy comes steadily and in plenty
When you feel you will never again fly
When you feel like you just want to die

When troubles follow you everywhere you go
And you think you've sunk to an all time low
When your soul is burdened and so weary
When your heart is bleeding and your eyes are teary

When your spirit is crushed and your flesh is worn
When you are oppressed and wish you were never born
When darkness covers you and there is no way out
When life is bitter, and your faith you begin to doubt

Just call on His name and He will raise you high
To stand on mountains and fly above the sky
Just call on His name and He will give you rest
As He lays your weary head on His loving breast

No other name has the power to understand
No other name comforts or extends a healing hand
Only His name searches out all hearts, filling the holes
Only His name brings peace to all troubled souls

Above all other names is His mighty name
A name that wipes us clean and takes the blame
His name will then attach us to the one true vine
Who will sustain us through His mercy divine

Call on His name and He will pour out His love
Covering you with His infinite grace like a glove
He will give you a new heart and restore your soul
He will give you eternal life and make your whole

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)