The Gates of Hell by Debie Misir

The Gates of Hell

I now see the Gates of Hell, open ever so wide
And I hear the cries of tormented souls, echoing deep inside
Demonic laughter fills the air, drowning out the cries
As the devil camouflages this horror, in beautiful disguise

I see many souls heading towards the entrance
Willingly, steadily they move forward, as if in a trance
For they seem not to know of the eternal agony ahead
Choosing to delight in the moment's pleasurable lies instead

Laughing, singing, dancing, worshipping gods of every kind
Devious hearts, cunning minds, pleasure seekers all combined
Works of the flesh, good and evil, zealously being performed
Intellect and human wisdom reigning; all to lies conformed

Each believes he has found truth, and rests content
No longer does he seek, thus begins his descent
For who can convince the already convinced?
That the lie they hold on to, is not truth evinced?

Friends, family, strangers, all nations I see
Caught up in this magnificent deception, unable to break free
For they have hardened their hearts, their eyes unable to see
Hearing but never understanding, Truth's decree

We know the way, we worship God they say
There is no God, we are masters of our own fate, some convey
Science is the answer to creation and life, many declare
Continuing on their own way, spiritually dead and unaware

Why give me this Lord, a task so impossible it seems?
Why do I feel the horror? Why do I hear the screams?
"So that you may know my heart", says the Lord
"And become my burden bearer, from here onward

Only submit and obey, the burden is mine daughter
You only carry my Spirit, He pores the living water
And upon the field I show you, I will pore out my grace
And to all who begin to seek, I will show my face

For my heart burns for my lost ones, have you not known?
My eyes rove the whole earth, for those who are my own
For I am the Good Shepherd, and I go after the Lost
Having already paid the price, at Calvary's Cross

My sheep know my voice; I work from the heart
Bypassing the body and soul, to reach that tiny part
The part that knows me, searches for me, longs for me
The part that is ever empty, crying out to be set free

Prophesy, lay hands, deliver, declare my truth to all
As my Spirit leads, use my sword on big and small
For as I pulled you out of great darkness and deception
So too will I reach down to others, with no exception

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)