The First Father by Debie Misir

The First Father

Lord, You have created man from the dust of the earth
In Your image You formed him, You gave him worth
You breathe life into him, You called him Your own
You prepared for him a paradise, and did not leave him alone

You created a companion to complete his life
A woman to love and cherish, and to be his wife
You thought of everything, in preparation just for him
Fulfilling all his needs and desires, clearly he was not a whim

You loved him so completely, Heavenly Father above
With an everlasting, divine love only You are capable of
Even disobedience and sin could not turn You away from him
Your judgment was swift, but Your love did not grow dim

Each one of his generation You lovingly created
Numbering the hairs on our heads, our destinies fated
Your eyes are always on us, every move we make
All Your blessings and favor You offer, we are free to take

You delight in us, regardless of all the sins in our hearts
What kind of a love is this? We cannot comprehend all it's parts
You laugh and cry with us, sharing all our joys and pain
You collect our tears in a bottle and crush our enemy's gain

Your mercy and grace follow us everywhere we go
Your loving kindness reaches us, high or low
You strengthen us when we are suffering and weak
You lift our heads high, when we are humbled and meek

When we stumble, You level the ground under our feet
When we are lost, You bring us to a place where we can meet
You re-new our spirits and give us clean hearts
You bind us with Your love, and give us new starts

You gave Your only begotten son so we may live
He came into this world to over and over again give
Which of our desires do You not meet? Is there anything?
You created us from nothing, yet You gave us everything

You will never leave or forsake us; we will prevail
This promise You faithfully keep, every time we fail
You love us from everlasting to everlasting, we know
You are an awesome wonder with Your sweet spirit aglow

You are the First Father, the eternal one
There is none who compares with You, no not one
You are Lord of all the Heavens and the earth, You alone
Totally in control of all things, resplendent on Your throne

We adore You Father, with awed and grateful hearts
We honor and worship You, and wish never to be apart
We will praise You every day of our lives, leaving no blanks
As Your mercies are new every morning, so is our thanks

We love You Father, and offer You all that we are
Let Your glory shine through us, bright as a star
We live to please You and glorify Your holy name
Keep us in Your perfect will, and in Your eternal flame

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)