The Triumph by Debie Misir

The Triumph

Do you know what our awesome God has done?
What we mean to Him? How He gave his son?
His compassion when He saw our helpless state?
Buried in sin, bound and tied at hell's gate?

Loving us so much; He humbled himself
Became flesh on earth, on the cross bore sin itself
A God so mighty, so pure, so holy, so just
Sacrificed Himself for us, whom He created from dust

After His passion, He ascended into glory
To offer You eternal life, and make you holy
Holding the keys to hell, death and the grave
He extends them to you, whom He died to save

All who open their hearts and invite Him in
Will receive eternal, abundant life, free from sin
Born of His Spirit and washed in His blood
With all anointing to go through the fire and flood

We who receive Him, have been redeemed
Forgiven of all sins, for He paid the price deemed
Justified by grace, free from condemnation
He offers everyone this gift; it is called salvation

Scripture says we are the apple of His eye
He collects our tears in a bottle, when we cry
His wrath is mighty on all who causes us grief
With great tenderness He brings us sweet relief

He has given us all authority over the devil
Clothed us in His righteousness, with joy to revel
Told us to come boldly to His throne of grace
Having removed the veil, between His and our face

Given us dominion, made us the head and not the tail
He has overcome the world so we can prevail
We can eat any poisonous thing, no harm done
Trample on serpents and scorpions, every last one

Made joint heirs with Christ, seated at God's right hand
Now sitting in heavenly places, where angels only stand
We are dead to sin, made alive in Christ above
Nothing, says Paul, can separate us from His love

To live is to live for Christ, to die is to be with Him
We are aliens and strangers in this world so dim
Oh death where is thy sting, we cry out
Oh grave where is thy victory, we shout

The life we live, we now live in Him
His Spirit in us, filling us to the brim
The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead
The same Spirit which parted the sea, named Red.

We are the light of the world, His temple
His chosen race, the word states it so simple
A royal priesthood, a holy nation
Blessed and highly favored, unto salvation

Made children of the Most High God
A peculiar people, seen as most odd
Not in the flesh, but in the spirit we walk
Now only of heavenly things we see and talk

Made the salt of the Earth, the shoot
A new creation He appointed, to bear fruit
Branch of the True Vine, sustained by Him
Which along the way, He will prune and trim

Ambassadors of Christ, He delights in us
Chosen vessels to carry his glory, His trust
Know this and claim all He has given to thee
A life in Him, triumphant, eternal, victorious, and free

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)