A Perfect Love by Debie Misir

A Perfect Love

My heart you opened up so wide, oh God
To a love so pure, so true, so unflawed
You gave me Your very own heart, my Lord
Placing my love upon a new level, upon Your word

Before the loving, came the breaking and the tearing down
Hurt and pain like never before, in places so tightly bound
A broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart You desired
To bring about all You promised, all that transpired

"Why me? why this?" I cried out in intense hurt and pain
"You asked," said the Lord, "why now complain?
There must be a tearing down before a building up
Of all impurities, before You drink from my cup"

"Even in the breaking, I give you understanding" He said
"Of the hearts I will send to you, hearts that hurt and bled"
"You desired to serve me mightily." said the Lord
"You asked for your heart and mine to be in one accord"

"What is closest to my heart, what I desire for you to do
Is to release the pain in the hearts of my children, right on cue
They are my treasure, my heart's desire you know
I weep for them; when hurting hearts cripple them so"

"All other afflictions are minor in comparison, on the whole
To a heart in pain which incapacitates body and soul
This is the very place the enemy targets, as my children grow
To attack and destroy my chosen ones, blow by blow"

"You will be my healer, healing from deep within
My Spirit in you will free them from the shackles of sin
For this cause, I have allowed you to experience their pain
And now I give you a perfect love, to shower on all like rain"

"I will mend every tear in your heart, every hole I will fill
I will pour into you abundantly, according to my will
I will strengthen your bones, every crack I will seal
I will give you a heart after truth, and a spine of steel"

"You shall love whom I love, and hate whom I hate
For not all will choose me, and not all will enter the gate
I give you much wisdom this day my daughter
I give you a gentle spirit, filled with kindness and laughter"

"Go forth in confidence in what I do; rejoicing and basking
Knowing even though you asked, I was there even in the asking
For all things were ordained by me, covenanted with you
Before you came on earth; we had already planned it through"

"You are uniquely made for this task I have set
To fulfill what I desire most; so do not question or fret
I will walk with you through your destiny, my love
We will bring it all to pass together, like a hand in a glove"

Lord, this love inside now consumes me; fire and ice
Burning to fulfill all You desire, at any price
A new heart You gave me Lord, willingly I receive
A saving, giving heart; one that will never grieve

Dimensions of love, such as I have never before known
Now fills all that is within me, human love I have outgrown
Love. deeper than the oceans, wider than the seas
Uncovering and covering a multitude of sins, all truth it sees

A perfect love I now know; A perfect love I now live
A love that does not need to receive, in order to give
A love unknown to most of mankind, not of man's heart
But born of spirit and truth, with all anointing to impart

I desired to know Your heart, every facet to see
You held nothing back, You gave it all to me
Feelings I've never experienced now wash over me
For those already in You, and those You desire to be

My heart is now steadfast Lord, my vision clear
Your desires are mine, only Your words I hear
This love is all I needed to fulfill my destiny here
Fearlessly I now do so; for perfect love casts out all fear

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)