The Cleansing by Debie Misir

The Cleansing

A broken and contrite heart You required
Bringing all to deep humility is Your desire
For in this place, man is at his ultimate best
Exalted and infallible, and totally Spirit possessed

To a place of perfect love all must come
Not to obtain it, but this love they must become
For when we are love, we are like Him
Containing all the fruits of the Spirit within

Jesus is Love, everlasting and true
He will use any means to protect and nurture you
Tough as the Lion, gentle as the Lamb He will be
Taking You into sweet intimacy, or putting You across His knee

His tenderness melts our hearts, His whip breaks it so
Sweet or painful, we must die to live and grow
Receive His love, however He demonstrates it to you
Knowing He does all things well, and right on cue

It is His love that sanctifies and purifies us so
Bringing correction and comfort for all in Him to grow
Do not resist, however heavy may be His hand
Know that He must break you, in order for you to expand

No heart is perfect unless it remains in that broken place
For it is here He comes in might and power, to show His face
Through the cracks and holes, His light bursts forth
Illuminating the darkness, demonstrating all His worth

My Lord, my God, how awesome are Your ways
Beyond understanding, deserving of all my praise
You saved us by Your mercy and grace alone
Now You are transforming our very hearts, from stone

You not only desire for us to be in You, Your own
But You desire to be seated in our hearts, Your throne
For I in You and You in me, I must be dead as can be
To all my flesh, but in You fully alive and totally free

From this place of intimacy, where two become one
All power flows, all miracles are birthed, all battles are won
For we are now complete in each other, God and man
Spirit of His Spirit, back to the point where we began

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)