The Peace of God by Debie Misir

The Peace of God

It is the peace that passeth all understanding of the mind
Bypassing body and soul, the heart of man to find
No flesh or circumstance can change its power and effect
From our Heavenly Father it comes, to restore and protect

It is unchanging, like the Almighty God it flows from
It is steady and tranquil, soothing as a melodious hum
Gently it settles the storms that rage inside of you
Uniting you with His Spirit, your battling flesh to subdue

Not like the world gives, does He give this peace to you
Humbly open your hearts and receive, it is your due
For you are the children of a God who is without limit
Reconciled unto Him, baptized of His Holy Spirit

The fruits of His Spirit are love, joy, and peace
Patience, kindness, and goodness without cease
Gentleness and faithfulness are among them too
Worry, fear, hurt, and anger, where are you?

The heart of my Lord contains only pure love so true
Selflessly and sacrificially, He died for me and you
This is the heart He desires for each of us to possess
A heart to love, filled with peace and joy in excess

He is my peace, this awesome God of mine
Throughout trials and tribulations, too many to define
Time and time again, when I knew I should have died
Tenderly He lifted me up, and stood by my side

When troubles flowed steadily like a tidal wave
I dwelt in His secret place, for there I was brave
When I could not go on, on all sides pressed
I hid beneath His wings, I entered into His rest

When pain seared into me like tongues of fire
I called upon His name, and He took me higher
Though wounded and hurt, I would seek His face
Always to hear Him say "receive My grace"

Each time, His peace in my heart lets me know
That there is one bigger and stronger, He runs the show
All is well with my soul, my God is in control
All I see, hear, and feel in this world, is but my soul

For what my spirit knows and trusts is absolute Truth
All else is designed to bring me into my destiny, to bear fruit
When I am down in my soul, I am up my spirit says,
And when I am weak in my body, I am strong it relays

His grace is sufficient for me, His mercies always new
He is the peace inside of me, He will see me through
Heaven and earth will disappear, my body too
Only the love and peace inside, are eternal and true

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)