The Ultimate Sacrifice by Debie Misir

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Wounded for our transgressions and crucified
Tortured beyond endurance, and vilified
A pure Lamb of God, You knew no sin
Yet You suffered immensely so man can win

Bruised for our inequities, You took the fall
Because You loved us first and above all
You gave Your life so that we may live
A gift so beyond compare, only You can give

By your stripes we are healed
With each stroke, all disease captured and sealed
Scourged repeatedly and nailed to a cross
You cried out to our Father, as You felt the loss

Neither pain nor agony could make You forget
You thought of us above all, even in death
From the cross, You beseeched our Father to forgive us
All Your love and passion You proclaimed thus

Lord, there was never a greater sacrifice made
It will live in our hearts forever, never to fade
You loved us overwhelmingly from the start
With a love greater than all the needs of any heart

You have opened to all, the doors to our Father's throne
Where only the righteous are welcome, they alone
With Your precious blood we are now covered
No evil can prevail, where once they hovered

Through Your magnificent sacrifice we are freed
From all sins of the world, as You decreed
The gifts of the Holy Spirit, we now freely receive
Just as You intended, when You granted us this reprieve

Your love You have released in such a mighty way
All of Heaven and Earth could not keep it at bay
With Your all-powerful love, so pure and selfless
You have redeemed us all, even the blind and faithless

Lord we are overcome with love and gratitude for Your mercy and grace
And we lay at your feet all the reverence befitting the holiest place
We worship and adore You with an unquenchable thirst
Knowing what we know, that You loved us first.

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)