Creation of Man by Debie Misir

Creation of Man

Overflowing love defines the creation of man
An earthly being God created higher than
Cherubims, Seraphims, and Angels above
In His likeness and image, pure Expressions of His love

Freely He pored out, releasing us on earth
Through a love He could not contain, He gave us birth
We are created in love, with love, and to love
First our Heavenly Father, and then all of His creation thereof

Know there is only one path to pure love, through Him
Who died for our sins, and now abides within
Only through Him can love flow, pure and freeing
Only in Him, we live, breathe, move, and have our being

Man was God's best, His treasure and joy
Little Gods to carry His love, unlike a puppet or toy
Showing us the way of perfect love, He gave His life for us
So we may know His power, His love, and learn to trust

For with the same pure love we were formed
Now contaminated with sin, it is totally deformed
Thus, we cannot comprehend love in it's purest form
It's immeasurable qualities, and it's power to transform

The day He came to earth as man, who understands?
His decision to die for us, when the universe He commands
"My love is pure, it is easy" He says, "your love is not"
"Allow me to cleanse it, and remove all the rot"

"My grace is sufficient, my love is unfailing
I am always at work, my glory prevailing
I will finish the good work I have begun in you
And give you the love and grace to see you through

Then you shall willingly follow my lead
And take up your cross, to die as seed
Knowing you cannot bear fruit otherwise
All pain and suffering you too must despise

This is what pure love enables you to do
To live beyond the flesh, and take others through
To behold the Kingdom of God, it's glory and grace
To lift up the fallen, and the unlovable to embrace

You were created in my likeness, to live and die like Me
And to be resurrected in power, with new life to decree
For I showed you the way, I was the First Seed
Follow my example, in desire, thought, and deed

Forsake, your flesh, contamination lives there
Move by My Spirit, it is a pure love affair
For pure love does not envy, it does not boast, it does not hate
It's walk is easy, and it's path is straight"

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)