Trials and Glory by Debie Misir

Trials and Glory

Trials and tribulations You said Lord
They will surely come, according to Your word
Should I buckle under these testings?
All I can see is Your glory and blessings

Rejoice, You said for these come
To sanctify and purify all who succumb
They will strengthen from within and around
They are allowed to build up, and not to tear down

I do not have to discern the trials
Only look upon Your face, with no denials
Focusing on You, the truth shines through
Illuminating all evils, many and few

I will go through and not stop in the middle
For You have done it all, solving every riddle
It is finished, just believe and receive You said
The battle is won; You've already made us the head

There are only two realities that I see continually
Eternal life and eternal death, eventually
The choices are clear to all; the paths are set
The gift of God is eternal life; the wages of sin is death

Set not Your eyes on the things of this world
Desire not the things of the flesh: money or pearl
Look to the things above; things below are temporal
Look to the things that endure; things that are eternal

Children of The Light, this is who we are
Filled with His glory, shining brighter than any star
We walk by faith, not by sight
Moved only by His spirit, not by power or might

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)