The Power and Presence of God by Debie Misir

The Power and Presence of God

Great power underlines the presence of the Lord
Power to heal, power to deliver, the power of His word
These are not separate, but one in Spirit and Truth
His Presence and Power, to plant and to uproot

For in His Presence is His power, this God of might
Who responds only to the faith, in hearts broken and contrite
Ascending from on high, His beloved bride to bless
With miracle, signs and wonders, His love is made manifest

Wherever He shows up, His power is felt and seen
Whenever His power is displayed, know He is on the scene
His presence comes as our hearts seek, worship and praise
For He inhabits the praises of His people, the Bible says

In His presence is the power to give life and restore
To remove death and destruction, to impart and pour
His love, joy, peace, and goodness without measure
For this is His will for us, this is His good pleasure

As we lift our hearts and raise our hands in total surrender
His glory floods our being, casting out any grievous offender
With minds renewed and hearts cleansed, we draw nigh
To ascend from glory to glory, unto a new heavenly high

Freedom like never before suddenly overwhelms
As we soar on the wings of eagles through glorious realms
Now one with Him in Spirit and Truth, Holy and pure
Transformed by His power and in His presence held secure

Know His holiness and power, found only in His presence
Do not be deceived by man's intellect, emotions, or conscience
For He cannot be revealed by manipulation or eloquence of speech
But by a demonstration of the Power of the Spirit, when we preach

Sounds good, looks good, feels good, imparts life to no one
For it is only the Spirit of the living God, who can reveal the Son
Surrender in all humility and meekness, with a submissive heart
And allow the gentle, sensitive, pure Holy Spirit of God to impart

Revelations of our loving Savior, the only One who died for us
Bringing explosions to our innermost beings, of faith and trust
So that we may know Him, and the power of His resurrection
That we may partake in His sufferings, His glory and ascension

Know about Him through His word, His instructions and story
But know Him only through the Holy Spirit, His intimacy and glory
For the Son reveals the Father and the Spirit reveals the Son
So we can know Him first, then make Him known to everyone

In His Holy Spirit lies His strength, His might, His power
To understand the heart of man; to transform and empower
For the Holy Spirit searches the deep things of the Lord
And manifests them in power and presence, after the Word

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)