The Beauty and Grace of my Lord by Debie Misir

The Beauty and Grace of my Lord

How beautiful is the Lord of my heart and soul
His glory and magnificence never grow dim or old
When I am in His presence, my heart sings
My soul rejoices, and my spirit flies on wings

How awesome is my Lord God Almighty
With His splendid grace and strength, holy and mighty
He fills me with joys that words cannot express
My heart overflows with love, that none can suppress

How truly amazing is the Lover of my Soul
He loves me like none other, my heart He stole
My love He relentlessly pursued, loving me the same
Even when I rejected Him and in His eyes, tears came

How gracious is my Jehovah Shalom, my Prince of Peace
Who stills all the storms in my life without cease
He opens the lid of my heart and fills it with love
He settles in my soul, the peace of the Dove

How loving is the Lily of the Valley
Who seeks the heart of man and every soul, tally
He loves me regardless of who I am, or what I do
And has promised to love me always, and to woo me too

How glorious is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, my fearsome guard
His majesty and power shields and protects me, I am never scarred
He rushes to my side, all the earth trembles at His wrath
At the first sign of trouble, that crosses my path

How tender is my Lord, who searches my heart
His eyes are always upon me; He sets me apart
He hangs on my every word, giving them great account
His thoughts of me are continuous, and too many to count

How marvelous is my Jehovah Jireh, my Lord who provides
Exceeding abundantly all that I need, cherishing me like a bride
The words have not left my mouth and my wish is granted
As if He could not wait to satisfy, He was so enchanted

How I long for my Lord, and to see His face
Just thinking of Him causes my heart to race
How I long to know His heart and feel His every sadness
To make Him laugh and fill His heart with gladness

How I ache to be close to my Lord, His fragrance is so sweet
To rain kisses on His face and worship at His feet
How I long to fill every void in His precious heart
And to dwell in His house forever, and never be apart

My arms may be short, my beloved Lord and Savior
But my love stretches as far as the Heavens, in Your favor
Come sit beside me, whisper Your hurts and disappointments in my ear
Let my adoration flow through You, let me wipe every tear

Take my life, I offer it as a living sacrifice to You
Let me fulfill Your will on earth for me, with everything I do
Let me give above and beyond all that You think or ask of me
Let me bring crowns to lay at your feet, to love and honor thee

Let me be one with you worthy Redeemer, my Lord
Nothing is impossible to you, according to your word
Let me not exist without you, let us always be together
Joined in spirit and truth, forever and ever

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)