The Arm of My Lord by Debie Misir

The Arm of My Lord

Is the arm of the Lord too short?
Cry out, cry out, all you who are wounded and hurt
Who can rescue you, if not the one who created you?
The one who watches over you and is jealous for you?

Who can redeem your life from the pit?
Make you sons and daughters, in Heaven to sit?
Only He who knew you before you were in the womb
Who fashioned and formed you, who lovingly groom

Rise up, rise up and know your God, mighty and tender
Know His mercy and grace, His glory and splendor
He created the earth, the sun and the stars for you
Made you in His likeness and image; His glory to shine through

Seek Him with all your heart and all your strength
To reach you wherever you are, He will go to any length
Created for His pleasure and purpose, He delights in you
His eyes are always upon you, if you but only knew

Repent, repent, turn around; invite Him into your heart
Believe on Him who shed His blood for you, from the start
Offer yourselves as living sacrifices to the one who sought
To free you from your sins, your salvation He bought

Love Him with all that you have and all that you are
His love for you is everlasting, shining brighter than a star
He has laid the world before you, gave you the authority
Placed Satan under your feet, made you His first priority

Go forth, go forth into His plan and purpose for you
Let no weakness or circumstance hinder, neither many nor few
Set your eyes upon our Lord; desire only to bring Him honor and glory
He will bring you through the fire and the flood, victorious and holy

Grow in Him and be all that He has created you to be
Know that the destiny He has ordained for you is key
Honor Him, in whom you have your very life and your being
Who gives you love and peace, so marvelous and freeing

Is the arm of the Lord too short, beloved mine?
By no means, for you it reaches across eternity to time
Praise Him! praise Him! For His mercy and grace divine
Worship Him with a song in your hearts; give glory to the true vine.

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)