Thank You Lord for my Pastor by Debie Misir

Thank You Lord for my Pastor

Oh Lord of our righteousness, we thank You
For our Spiritual Father, ever faithful and true
His mouth speaks of Your word, wisdom, and peace
In his heart, the law of God he keeps

Oh Lord of our hope, we bless Your heart's grace
You personally chose him; You saw the love on his face
You judged his heart; You knew nothing could lead him astray
For he knows You, he knows the way

Oh Lord of our peace, Your name be praised
For the one You gave to us; a rare shepherd You raised
This flock he tends with a hand, gentle but stern
He makes us strong and sure; for You he makes us yearn

Oh Lord of our hearts, to You be all the glory
For our Preacher, who boldly tells Your story
He proclaims the promise of God with great conviction
And holds fast to this promise with no contradiction

Oh Lord of our lives, to You be all the power
For a man of such great faith, Your man of the hour
He teaches of your unfailing love through the ages
And of all the sins of this world, and their wages

He guides and councils, the strong and the weak
He points us to Your word, for all that we seek
Like You, gentle master, his heart is lowly and humble
In Your truth lies his strength; here he does not stumble

He fearlessly chastises, for he knows the end of the lost
He hears the cries of the captives; he knows their cost
The wailing sound of the condemned forever echo in his ear
His burden is heavy, often the pain is more than he can bear

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend", we read
And we realize just how deeply he cares indeed
Humbly and selflessly he serves for our eternal gains
Assuming multiple roles, he relieves our growing pains

When even a single soul is saved, his tears begin to fall
He can scarcely contain his joy, his face tells it all
His excitement shows his love for You, so great it seems
And for all the unsaved souls that haunt his dreams

Lord, his burning desires and Yours are as one
They began the first day You called him son
Often he stretches forth his hand to prevent our fall
Surely Lord, You gave of Your best to us all

We are forever grateful to You Lord, for our Pastor
Who makes straight our path to You, beloved Master
In heartfelt thanks we kneel and bend
For our Shepherd, Teacher, Listener, Counselor, and Friend

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)