True Intimacy by Debie Misir

True Intimacy

Can you taste it? Can you smell it?
Do you live it? Do you move in it?
How do I know? You ask in reply
In your question, lies intimacy's cry

It is not a having; it is not a feeling
But it is state of being, a knowing; a revealing
Of who you are in the Lord and who He is to you
Of your desire for each other, for a completion so true

True intimacy flows from the Lord
When heart, spirit and soul are in one accord
Fully surrendered to God, one with Him
A supernatural fusion; between you and Elohim

When this occurs, no mind understands
The body cannot contain it; yet the heart expands
It is where Spirit meets spirit, a sweet coming together
Gentle as a morning breeze, soft as a feather

A flowing begins between man and God
A oneness of being, destroying all façade
In unity, in love, in peace, in truth they move
Divinity and man, in a perfect groove

You are now fully alive and transformed from within
Every part of you responds to every part of Him
He is now the First, the Source; never the latter
In a perfect union that transcends time and matter

You become so in tune with Him, always in need
That you seek Him constantly to worship and feed
Every cell of your being is alive only in His presence
Every sense, every feeling fully awakened and intense

Intimacy happens when in humility, we seek His heart
It is a giving and a receiving, with all love to impart
In being intimate with God, we become so intimate
That intimacy flows freely from us, and it does not abate

It cannot be contained or limited in any way
Not by flesh or bone, for it does not respond to clay
All will be drawn to you, for every man searches for this
Since the fall of Adam, this is what they all miss

You will breathe it, live it, move in it, and with it flow
No more able to exist anywhere, but in intimacy's glow
Seeking the Lord with every breath you take
Listening to His heart, before every move you make

Like a river, intimacy will flow and pursue
Poring out freely, to all those around you
For intimacy seeks intimacy, it is never satisfied
It grows and grows, until in all men God is fully glorified

Intimacy receives all, gives to all, saints or hardcore
It cares not for perfection, but perfects all it cares for
Intimacy begets intimacy; to it all will surrender
Regardless of color, creed, race or gender

It is wholeness, it is life; it is bliss
No one is complete where it does not exist
Being intimate with God and yourself is key
To life here and in eternity, abundant and free

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)