The Hollow Mind by Debie Misir

The Hollow Mind

The mind that doth not think on God
Is filled with foolishness, and finitely flawed
Meaninglessly it wanders over all the earth
Centered only on selfish gratification, since birth

Limited by what it can see and touch
What it tastes, understands; totally bound by such
Spiritually dead, what you see is what you get
"There is no God, I am god" is the mindset

Consciously, unconsciously, it resists The Power
The Hand of Grace, the Good Shepherd, the Sower
Hating the Light, loving the darkness it withdraws
Abiding deep in soul; maker of its own laws

Accountable to no one, subjective morally
Saying yes to this, no to that, agreeable generally
Eat, Drink, and be merry, for tomorrow I die
Survival of the fittest, the smartest, the richest, it will sigh

So speaks the wisdom of the hollow mind; totally deceived
Limited, obstinate, closed; it will not receive
Fully persuaded that self is all that matters
Spouting opinions and lies, endlessly it chatters

Even in acts of kindness, feeling good is the game
In all compassion and care, the motive is the same
It never extends a helping hand just because
But constantly craves attention and praise, without pause

Who will applaud me for the charity I give?
Who will exalt me, and the life I live?
I stand out amongst my kind, Society's best
Superior in intelligence and beauty, far above the rest

Lover of self, who can convince you
To worship your Maker, as you ought to
Rebellion fills your heart, vanity fills your mind
You are now the devil's playground, no peace can you find

Searching high and low for fulfillment, never ceasing
Nothing can fill the emptiness inside, it is ever increasing
For greed, lust, and pride fills your heart to excess
Causing you to tout ambition and success, as happiness

Eyes grow dim, mind dulls, heart struggles, flesh fails
Yet the emptiness grows, and the hunger prevails
Wake up! Turn around! realize that all you seek
Is only found in God your savior, humble and meek

Draw near to Him, repent of your sins and surrender all
Bend your knees, lay your burdens down, respond to His call
He holds eternity in His hands, and extends it to you
With healing in His wings, waiting to welcome you

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)