A Piece of Clay by Debie Misir

A Piece of Clay

I am but a piece of clay
Molded and formed by Yahweh
There was nothing of worth in me
But by His grace, I am all that you see

I am wonderfully and fearfully made
Amazingly complex and beautifully arrayed
Every feature lovingly and carefully designed
Every organ detailed and intricately aligned

I am the clay pot; My Lord is the potter
In a world of darkness, not a sound could I utter
For there is no life given unto me, except by God
No senses or knowledge, no correction rod

I was made flesh as He breathe life into me
He placed me in time, and set me free
To choose righteousness or sin, life or death
To be lost forever, or follow the path he set

Free will was His gift of love, given at birth
To possess and have dominion over all the earth
Lost in sin, my knowledge of His love gone
The more I gained, the more I became withdrawn

There was a great emptiness in my soul
That nothing could fill or make whole
I knew not what was missing, only that it was
For life seemed meaningless, and without cause

Then you called me precious Lord, and I knew
Not what left this aching void in me, but who
Recognition was instant and completion came
Rising up in Your love, I called Your name

You redeemed my life from the pit
You washed me clean and made me fit
Into Your precious body, a wondrous place
Held fast within and sustained by Your grace

Now I walk around; nothing fazes me
All on offer is nothing compared to Thee
For I have found the keys to life and love
Living in You, like a hand in a glove

There is a fullness of joy in the loving
A bubbling, overflowing kind of feeling
That cloaks me with a wondrous glow
Through it, only love and kindness flow

Lord, this grateful heart thanks You for Your love
A piece of clay You gave life to from above
I thank You for every breath that I take
I thank You for every moment I'm awake

I worship You for Your compassionate heart
I give You all of my life, Your will to impart
Take all the experiences life dealt me with
And turn them around for Your glory; use every bit

Let the wind blow; let the fire burn
Let the waters flood, let the tides turn
Break me and make me, whatever it will take
To uncover the gold, and rip out all that is fake

Let these hands of clay serve You all of my days
Let my feet of clay walk in all of Your ways
Let my eyes of clay be opened to all things spiritual
Let my lips of clay speak of Your love perpetual

Let my speech be fearless, fluent and bold
Let me touch all hearts and needy hands hold
Let me lead lost souls to repentance and to You
To the full knowledge of Your love, so pure and true

There is none like unto You my Lord and Master
Please hasten Your second coming, make it faster
My excitement is so great; I can hardly wait
I want to shout for joy; to open Heaven's gate

I want to experience all of the rapture
To embrace You and Your heart to capture
To hold You when the hurt is more than You can bear
To share Your pain and wipe away Your every tear

I want to be with You forever in paradise
To be a handmaid in Your house, or otherwise
You are everything to me; I am nothing without You
Let me love and honor You, as I was created to do

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)