An Awesome Feeling by Debie Misir

An Awesome Feeling

Now consumed with a burning desire to do Your will
There is a great excitement in my heart that I cannot still
It feels as if I'm standing on the very threshold
Of something so awesome, something never seen or told

The floodgates are about to burst wide open
Releasing all I was born to do, all I was hoping
There will be no limits to what You have set forth
To what I will accomplish for Your glory, henceforth

There is a an awesome feeling way down deep inside
A feeling of mysteries being revealed, now flesh has died
A feeling of Your love washing over me as never before
Of being married to You, of loving You more and more

It is a marriage of the spirit, transcending flesh and soul
An everlasting covenant, forever joining me to the Whole
Nothing can separate me from You, now or then
For all the seams have dissolved, all the joins You mend

As I write this poem, it is all coming clearly to me
And there is nothing You will withhold, all I will see
I cannot shake this wonder in my spirit, in my heart
Of something so marvelous about to happen, to start

I am excited, I am awed, I am filled to overflowing
With what I am not quite sure, but it will come, the knowing
As I rest in You, You will bring it all to pass
Like You said, the last shall be first and the first last

I wait impatiently because I am anxious to please
I feel the heavenly things You are about to release
Things You have kept just for this time, this hour
Marvelous, so marvelous will be the flow of Your power

Your glory and wonder keeps unfolding in my spirit
I sense much of You, but cannot find any limit
Take me on this journey Lord; stretch me as I go
I will walk as You command, quickly or slow

You will be my guide; I will never look down
My path is straight, built on solid ground
I need no compass; I need no sight
only need You, for You are the Light

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)