Another Place by Debie Misir

Another Place

I have been a dreamer, even from birth
Lost in another world, esteemed with worth
Nothing pleased me, for my eyes had seen
The wonder and glory of where I have already been

Always seeking, measuring with a giant cup
Never finding, that which I had given up
Then You found me Lord, and I knew
That all I had lost was found only in You

All righteousness, all holiness so pure
Belong only to You; of this I'm sure
Your heavenly beauty and magnificence
Are all I need or want, in every sense

There are no more questions; nothing else I seek
You're the answer, the strength when I'm weak
You complete me to more than a whole
Fill me to overflowing; soothe my aching soul

There is nothing that compares to You
Nothing I will ever reach for, or climb to
This entire universe has nothing to offer me
Without You, there is only darkness you see

Once again beholding Your heavenly form
The longing is building in me like a raging storm
To be close to You, holding on and never letting go
To bask in Your glory, and to feel Your love flow

Time is suspended when I'm in Your presence
Smelling the sweet fragrance of You, Your very essence
Then I'm alive, restored, healed, empowered and loved
Keep me in Your tender arms forever, my beloved

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)