What's In The Name by Zenen Kasilag

What's In The Name

J - Joy within me as I whisper Your name
E - Endless gladness in Your presence
S - So I decided to follow Your path
U - Until I fall in love with You
S - Seeking Your face, seeking Your heart

C - Can I hold You for a moment
H - How I wish I have a humble and obedient heart like Yours
R - Remove from me everything that is not of You
I - I want to give You my heart
S - Standing before You waiting for Your word
T - To worship You in spirit and in truth is my desire

M - My life I surrender to You will
Y - You're all I need, You're my everything

L - Lead me in whatever you want me to do
O - Oh my precious One and I'll obey
R - Rescue me from my foes who are trying to pull me down
D - Deliver me totally that I may serve You my King

Jesus Christ My Lord

Zenen Kasilag (By the Grace of the Lord)