Everlasting Love by Zenen Kasilag

Everlasting Love

Oh, my Lord, my God I love you so
With all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind
I'm willing to pay the price for the sake of that love my God
Giving up everything, and totally depending on You

There are times oh Lord I feel so low
Yes, there are times oh Lord I feel so alone
But because of Your love, Your words and your promises
I now have the hope, the strength and the will to go on

I praise and thank You Lord
For giving me joy in times of sadness
And for giving me hope in times of distress
I thank you for giving me peace within

But most of all oh Lord
I thank you for giving me Your love, Your everlasting love

I want You to be my everlasting love Lord
To love You, to please You, and to serve You
Is all I desire
So hold me close to Your heart oh Lord

And be my everlasting love
For You are my everlasting love

Zenen Kasilag (By the Grace of the Lord)