Jesus My Life by Zenen Kasilag

Jesus My Life

Jesus You are my strength
You are my hope, and You are my joy
I will worship You in everything I do Lord
And I will worship You wherever I go
I will worship You with all my heart
For You are the reason I live
You gave me life Lord, and you set me free
You bought me with a great price
And you called me friend
Oh what a love You have for me Lord
To give up Your life for my sake

Jesus I come to you on bended knees
Forgive me Lord for what I've done before
I was blind but now I see
And I thank You Lord for opening my eyes
Jesus I offer my life to You
For I know I am nothing without You
All that I have comes from You
There is nothing I can hide
Now there is nothing else I want to do
But to wholly trust in You

Yes, Lord I surrender to Your will
So take control, have Your way in me
Help me, teach me, lead me into Your ways, I pray

Zenen Kasilag (By the Grace of the Lord)