Welcome to the Music Ministry

John 4:23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.


Make Worship A Lifestyle

Wait. Listen. I hear a voice. It's a call! A sound! Can you hear it?

I hear the Father calling His worshippers!

I hear a new sound, a sound like no other. I hear Him saying, "Come my beloved, be intimate with Me, sing to Me, and tell me you love Me over and over. Now dance with Me, romance with Me - I long for you, I miss you the apple of My eye. Let Me hear your voice, let Me hear you sing! Sing to Me your love song, the songs that I love! Come!"

A Vision:

A few years back, I was in the midst of a Worship Night, at a Christian Center Church in Brooklyn, New York. While we were worshipping, I found myself getting distracted. I could not focus. I would sing and then I would stop, and then I would sing again and then I would stop. So, in the middle of the worship, I started a conversation with God that went like this:

"Lord, what's going on? Why am I having problems worshipping? I cannot concentrate, I'm literally going in and out of worship."

I knew I had asked God to cleanse me from whatever transgressions I had, prior to coming to worship, but despite that, I could not concentrate. And so again, I asked:

"What's the matter Lord?"

He replied, "I don't enjoy it anymore."

Aghast, I said, "What? What do You mean You don't enjoy it anymore? This is worship and these are your children! They sing songs for You! This is all for You, only for You!"

He said, "I like it, but I don't enjoy it anymore. It all sounds the same. it's the same song over and over again. everybody. anywhere you go. it is all the same."

I replied, "I am so sorry Lord, how do you want our worship to be?"

And He replied: "When someone you love celebrates their birthday, do you not ask them what they would like for their birthday? I want My children to do the same thing! I want them to ask Me what I like. what I want them to sing. The words that I want to hear, the melody, the rhythm. all of these things I will give and supply, everything they need. If your salvation is personal, I want worship to be personal too!"

Then He added, "A lot of My children say they love Me, but their heart is devoid of love. They do not know how to worship Me, they do not worship me with their hearts, they do not mean what they say and their actions do not show it either! They can praise Me anytime but have a hard time worshipping Me. Because of these things, I will send a new wave of worship to My bride, My church, My beloved, My children. The kind of pre-programmed worship you do today is already obsolete. a new, more personal worship has begun."


Lord, open my eyes that I may see.

Open my ears that I may hear.

Set my spirit free.

Free to worship You.

In spirit and in truth,