Debie Misir: August 25, 2009

Giving in to the pressures around you is tantamount to surrendering to the will of the enemy beloved. I have not called you to react to your physical circumstances in the natural beloved, but to fight against principalities and powers in the Spirit. Look not with your physical eye, but be alert to what My Spirit is showing you in this hour saith the Lord. Look deep within. Discern, discern, discern. Connect with My Spirit as you seek Me with all your heart and all your soul and all you might and I will direct your path saith the Lord. I will lead and guide you through the rough waters unto dry land. Come, listen and obey saith the Lord. Thus saith the Lord.

Ephesians 6:12
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Debie Misir: August 24, 2009

The place that you have come to is not strange for you have been here before. For whenever I move you out from one place to another, know that I have already moved you out in the Spirit. For My plans for you shall be executed in the right season and the things I have ordained for you to walk in shall come to pass in precise timings saith the Lord. Go where My Spirit leads and fear not, for it is not strange, but familiar in the Spirit as all things are accomplished in the Spirit first and then shall the manifestation in the natural happen. Walk in as though you are simply returning, not coming in for the first time. Receive of what is around you as naturally as it comes, as you have already been acquainted with your surroundings. Be at peace and allow the manifestations of what has already happened in the Spirit to unfold. Thus saith the Lord.

Galatians 5:25
"If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit."

Debie Misir: August 10, 2009

I am calling forth My people saith the Lord. I am callling them out one by one. I am calling them forth out of nations and out of generations. For the season is here and the time is now when I shall begin to move them out as one people. For the preparation has already been done and the gathering is taking place at this very moment saith the Lord. The time for unity is now. For I shall move you out from where you are and I shall connect and link you to the ministries and the movements of My Spirit that I have ordained for you to move in. You shall finally be fitted in to the part of the body where you belong and you shall know your purpose with great certainity and joy. Rejoice and unite, and in the unity there will begin to flow great waves and moves of the power of My Spirit. Thus saith the Lord.

2 Chronicles 30:12
"Also in Judah the hand of God was on the people to give them unity of mind to carry out what the king and his officials had ordered, following the word of the LORD."

Debie Misir: August 04, 2009

For I am the same yesterday, today and forevermore. I do not change, and what I have done before I will do again saith the Lord. Do not be afraid to ask of Me, the things that were done for others as recorded in My written word saith the Lord. Have I not done it before? and will I not do it again? Surely as I am God I will perform it should you ask it with all confidence that I will do it. For the time is now when I will begin to show forth My glory in an unprecented way saith the Lord. Not in the miracles I will do, for they have been done before, but in the miracles I do for you saith the Lord. Ask it, expect it, and wait on Me saith the Lord, and you will see My glory in your life and it will testify of Me saith the Lord Thus saith the Lord.

1 Kings 18:36-39
"At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: "O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command. 37 Answer me, O LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, O LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again."  38 Then the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench.  39 When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, "The LORD -he is God! The LORD -he is God!""