Every Knee Shall Bow by Debie Misir

Every Knee Shall Bow

Our Lord is an almighty, all-powerful, omniscient Presence
He is incomparable Love and Truth, in pure spirit and essence
He is Creator of the universe; ageless, righteous, and just
And He created man in His image, from His own spirit and dust

Our father, separated from us through our sinful birth
Desires greatly to be re-united with all He placed on this Earth
He built into us the knowledge of eternal life; our secret need
A gift He always intended for us, which Satan stole in greed

There is a restless longing deep in our souls, buried in sin
A longing to fill the emptiness; to be re-united with Him
Desiring the same, He sacrificed His pure and precious Son
To bridge the separation between Him and every person

There is only one way to redemption, through Jesus Christ
The beloved Son of God, whose righteous blood paid the price
He willingly died, an agonizing death by crucifixion at Calvary
A death reserved only for heinous criminals, as was customary

He laid down His life for us, proclaiming a love unrestrained
And would have done the same, even if only one remained.
Two thousand years ago, he freed us from all sins of the world
Banishing all diseases, and conquering the underworld

We, who believe in Him, are now redeemed and restored
To the glory of God, in man fully alive and adored
There is none who loves us like our loving Lord and Savior
Pouring out unconditional love, forgiveness and eternal favor

Take heed of this and of life, a temporary journey
Designed to test your faith and prepare you for eternity
All who sin and fall short of the glory of God; we must
Accept Jesus "the way, the truth and the life", for God is just

Denying Jesus will lead straight to everlasting hell
A place of brimstone and fire, wherin you will dwell
None can imagine the horror of this torturous continuity
That will surely be yours instead of Heaven's eventuality

Upon the Lord's triumphant return to Earth, the second coming
All will be confronted with His majesty and radiance adorning
It is written; from the ends of the earth they will come running
To pay homage to our Lord and Savior, in reverence and longing

Regardless of age, color, race, or religion, they shall kneel
Before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, prostrated at His heel
Every knee shall bow, all things in Heaven and on Earth
Every tongue shall confess, every creature in this birth

That Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the father in Heaven
That He is love of the most high and divine order, offering Haven
That He is the supreme son of the almighty God, reigning forever
Binding us with his love to our Father, which none can sever

Know that not all will be chosen on this Day of Judgment
Only those who already gave their hearts with total abandonment
And live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord
Fulfilling their destinies and purposes, according to His word

Choose Him now, for tomorrow it may be too late
Our Lord is waiting, come to Him before He closes the gate
Only through Him, can all the glory of God be revealed
Only through Him, can you obtain salvation and be healed

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)