Great is Thy Love by Debie Misir

Great is Thy Love

Great is Thy love, flowing from Your heart Oh God
From all Holiness and Purity, from Truth unflawed
Freely You love, with all that is within You
For love is who You are, not what You do

I know Your love my Lord, I have felt it's sweetness so
Flowing through every part of me, from head to toe
Touching places in my heart I never knew existed
Surpassing feelings and thoughts, so torn and twisted

I come alive as it flows, like a desert under a spring
For Your love is better than life my God, my King
Close to Your heart is where I always want to stay
Nothing can separate me, nothing can keep me away

For there is now a river connecting Your heart and mine
A river carrying Your desires and feelings, so divine
For my heart now feels intensely, like never before
When Your heart rejoices and when it is grievously sore

When You hurt, my heart breaks into a million pieces
When You cry, rending sounds of pain my heart releases
When You are pleased, my heart is filled with pleasure
And when You laugh, my joy is without measure

Yet I know, it is only a touch of what Your heart feels
For all the hearts in the world could not sustain what it reveals
For in Your purity, every feeling is magnified a million fold
None can measure the height nor depth, of magnitude untold

Every sin of man drives a thousand swords into Your heart
Until wounded and bleeding, from them You depart
For Your presence cannot abide with sin and inequity
They will be totally destroyed in Your holiness and purity

So great is Your love for man Lord, such is Your mercy and grace
That You would withdraw Your presence, and turn Your face
Though the pain of separation seems more than You can bear
You would suffer agonies of loss, their lives to spare

Today, I watched many worshipping idols of clay
And thought how angry You must feel this very day
But instead, my spirit was burdened with such great sadness
As I felt Your heart weeping, for those lost in madness

I reached out to comfort, wanting to erase the pain
And felt my love flow to You, in a way I cannot explain
Your sadness lifted, Your heart signed in satisfaction
And You gazed at me, as if marveling at my reaction

I love You Lord, with all my heart and soul
And I will always need You, to make me whole
But I never thought it would be the same for You
For how can a God so big and mighty, need me too?

I am so overwhelmed to experience You this way
You are so much more than I could ever imagine or say
I thank You my Father, for the work You are doing in me
Let it all be accomplished for Your glory, just as You decree

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)