Suddenly by Debie Misir


Suddenly the Heavens shall come upon the earth
And all those who are travailing shall give birth
Suddenly the trumpet shall sound, and the skies split
And the Lord shall descend ; on a white horse He will sit

Are you prepared beloved; is there oil in your lamp?
Is your robe white; or is it spotted and damp?
Are you waiting in great anticipation, spirit alert?
Are your eyes upon Him, or are they upon the earth

Are the cares of the world distracting you?
Are the delights of the flesh entangling you?
Do you indulge in earthly pleasure and riches?
Or is your heart in God, then again to the world switches?

Know ye not that the things of the world are temporary
How quickly they vanish, ancient or contemporary
Even the life of man is like grass upon the earth
Quickly it withers and dies, for it too is of no worth

T'is the Spirit of God that quickens all life on earth
And takes us all into eternity, after each re-birth
Come to Him, all who are doubting and resistant
And to all the saints, be focused and consistent

For the time is now; and the hour draws nigh
When all will behold the King of Glory, descending from on high
The dead in Him shall rise; the living transformed
A day like never before, mighty miracles performed

Suddenly, everything will become crystal clear
To those who are unbelieving; He will appear
Blessed are those who do not see, yet believe
Eternal life is theirs, as earthly form they leave

Sorrows will beset many on the Day of the Lord
For those who received Him not, says the word
Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess... too late
The angels have already closed the gate

Seven years of tribulation and suffering will ensue
All remaining ruled by the Antichrist, a spirit so untrue
Hear ye Him now, listen.. for it is He who knocks
Open your door wide, break through all the locks

Receive Him in your heart, abide in Him always
Live only for the King of Kings, avoid the byways
Wait, watch, be still; expect His coming soon
Moment by moment; morning, evening or noon

For suddenly His Glory will burst from the skies
And His majesty and power will be seen by all eyes
All who are precious to Him will be gathered into His heart
From those who rejected him, He will depart

Suddenly, imperishable my body will become
As to the final stages of my earthly walk, I will succumb
I am going home, my heart cries out with joy untold
This tent soon I leave; my eternal life to hold

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)