The Wisdom of God by Debie Misir

The Wisdom of God

The wisdom of God is foolishness to man
Who can know His mind, who can understand?
The bible declares; His ways are not our ways
Also His thoughts are far above ours, it says

Shall we darken His counsel questioning why?
Can we comprehend the answer, should He reply?
Were we there when He stretched out the Heavens above?
Did we advise Him when He created man in love?

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last
He knows our beginning and our ends He cast
He numbers the hairs on our heads, and searches our hearts
Sends His word to divide spirit and soul, into separate parts

By His wisdom, He laid the earth's foundations
Created man and out of him called forth nations
By His understanding He set the Heavens in place
Cast out Satan, and saved all of mankind by grace

In all, knows all, controls all; future, present, and past
His wisdom is profound, His power is vast
Sets the stars in the sky, spins the planets in harmonic motions
With wisdom rules the universes, and speaks to oceans

Only His wisdom knows the when, where, why, and how
To such greatness, all in total humility must bow
For not one hair can man change from black to white
And not one heart can we transform by all our might

So limited is the mind, not led by the Holy Spirit
With no power over life, which comes from the Spirit
The intellect, wisdom, talent, and strength of man
Can only bring death to his spirit, and God's plan

For who has the wisdom to count the clouds? says the word
And who can tip over the water jars of Heaven? says the Lord
Does your wisdom cause the Hawk to spread his wings and fly?
Can your wisdom cleanse your soul, and show you the lie?

None of these can man do, even with his soul's best
For the way that seems right unto him, is only a test
"The end thereof is death", the Truth reveals
As happens when led by what flesh thinks and feels

So seek the counsel of God, do not limit wisdom to flesh
Let Him endow your heart with His wisdom afresh
For fear of the Lord is the beginning of true wisdom
And shunning evil starts when understanding has come

God's wisdom is supreme, guiding you along the only Way
It will protect and nurture you, if you listen and obey
Your soul shall prosper, your spirit will thrive
And you will be supernaturally empowered and eternally alive

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)