The Heart of My Lord by Debie Misir

The Heart of My Lord

The heart of my Lord I have not begun to understand
Filled with thoughts of all, countless as grains of sand
Deeper than all the oceans, wider than the seas
Transcending time and place, offering you the keys

The heart of my Lord is purer than the driven snow
Overflowing with compassion and love for all, I know
His glory shines brighter than a trillion stars
In its presence, all demons burn like cedars

The heart of my Lord is righteous and just
It hates inequity; it despises transgression and lust
Disobedience and evil are abominable things
His wrath it kindles, and His judgment it brings

The heart of my Lord is forever loving and giving
To all He loves, to all who are lost and desire forgiving
All you will ever want or need is found in Him
He will remove all emptiness, and fill you to the brim

The heart of my Lord offers holy peace outstanding
That defies all reasoning, logic, and understanding
It is supernatural, calming the tumultuous tides of life
Which only bring destruction, agony, and strife

The heart of my Lord is majestic and mighty
He fights our battles, as the one and only God Almighty
He rushes in when we are crushed and defeated
To annihilate our enemies, and win victories repeated

The heart of my Lord is caring and exceedingly tender
He bears all our burdens regardless of race or gender
He weeps when we are suffering and in dark despair
He wraps us in His loving arms and He keeps us there

The heart of my Lord is ever faithful and true
His blessings are endless, His angry moments few
He upholds the righteous in the palm of His hand
He makes their steps firm, on solid ground they stand

The heart of my Lord is abounding in mercy and grace
Abundant and free to all those who seek His face
Trust in Him, lean not to your own understanding
Take everything to Him in prayer, not demanding

The heart of my Lord is everlasting and ageless
His tremendous love for man is complete and changeless
He promised abundant life and love, exceedingly plenty
And His word never returns to Him void and empty

The heart of my Lord is so very precious to me
I want to know every facet, every part I want to see
To erase every hurt that makes His heart sore
To love and adore him, and all His joy restore

The heart of my Lord I wish to reside forever in
To be in His arms, held fast and ever secure within
Draw me closer dear Lord; never let me go
Unto you my heart, soul, and spirit I bestow

The heart of my Lord delights in all who hope and trust in Him
He makes a way for the blameless, when darkness looms grim
He lifts up the faithful, granting the desires of their heart
Delivering them from evil, commanding all inequities to depart

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)