The Door by Debie Misir

The Door

An open door, through Heaven's gate I see
It swings to and fro, as if beckoning unto me
"Behold treasures untold beyond me" it speaks
"Come on through, don't just stand and peek"

Made of solid gold, held by a diamond pin
Giving a glimpse of heavenly things within
A gentle breeze goes on through, ahead of me
Softly whispering, "come in, come in and see"

Swiftly the excitement built and happiness soared
Then I felt the touch of the Lord, as His love outpoured
For what I was about to experience, before was sealed
And that which I sought hard after, was about to be revealed

Oh Glory, glory to God, my heart sang in glee
The time is now, the hour has just come for me
I step lightly through the door, leaving all behind
For where I go, none can follow, none can find

Then mine eyes beheld the glory of what is to be
My heart was captured by the wonder and jubilee
For behind that open door lay my heart's desire
Knowing that my desire was ignited by His holy fire

The desire to be free, in Spirit and in Truth
To love beyond reason, the aged and the youth
To walk not by sight, but by faith in the Lord
To be totally submitted to the Holy Spirit; to His word

All things I can see, what has been and what is to be
It is all so clear now, the reason I exist in Thee
For all things were accomplished by You in the Spirit
Only through my obedience, will they manifest without limit

The river of life overflows, but none can find it
Without a vessel, the living waters cannot transmit
I am that vessel, created to carry life and love
To all on earth, from our Heavenly Father above

With no holes, no cracks, clean and Hollow
A vessel created to honor Him, to love and follow
I receive from the Giver, only by opening up to Him
And I pour out freely to all, with a song and a hymn

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)