The Heart of God Within by Debie Misir

The Heart of God Within

Receiving the heart of God is a process for all
Deceived and moving by the gifts only, many fall
For they confuse the power of God with the Call
And the love of many wax cold, as pride stands tall

I have known the gifts, experienced the power of God
But without God's love, it is all a great façade
For it was the love of God that first touched my heart
And it is from this love that I refuse to depart

I look for it within myself, and in everyone around me
Constantly I smell and taste the fruits of every tree
Though the process of transformation is yet incomplete
I know the heart of God within, I hear it's beat

For this heart cares not for the ways or thoughts of men
But by the Spirit of the Lord, it moves again and again
It is content in trials and victories, want and plenty
It wants neither approval nor reward, of all self it is empty

A heart that beats after the desires of the Lord, only Him
A zeal that is neither tempered by situations, nor driven by whim
For this heart is stedfast in God's love, constantly it speaks
"Send me Lord", to please You is all my heart desires and seeks

When the enemy strikes, when you feel weak and tried
Look at what the Lord has done within, look deep inside
For What He has placed in your innermost being is beyond compare
Behold, a heart filled with perfect love and compassion so rare

May you continue to be transformed from glory to glory
May the story of your life fade, and your life become His story
The Lord has made you a part of my destiny for a reason
Forever will I be grateful, whether it be for a lifetime or a season

Debie Misir (By the Grace of the Lord)